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FAYUS INC is the distributor of choice for well-respected outlets that sell indigenous African and Caribbean products. Our Ola-Ola brand of products, exclusively processed and manufactured at our Sacramento plant, provides a wide selection of African gourmet flour such as: Pounded Yam flour, Plantain fufu flour, Cassava flour (Lafun/Konkote), Cassava Starch, Bean flour, Rice flour, Cassava Fufu (Akpu), Elubo/Amala (Yam flour). Our other brand products are the Ola-Ola Carotino cooking oil and the Ola-Ola cholesterol-free red palm oil.

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FAYUS INC is a California based wholesale and distribution outlet for African and Caribbean food products. We service a diverse clientele ranging from small independent restaurants, institutional food service establishments as well as supermarkets and grocery stores. From modest beginnings in 1992, Yusol International Foods™ and it's parent company Fayus Inc. have developed into a food distribution network serving over 200 clients Worldwide. This family owned and operated business is a steadily growing business and is currently one of the largest wholesalers of African food products in the United States.

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